Work in every year:


Firstly, we are only interested in WWOOFers who are registered members of WWOOF. As members we’ll provide you with food and houseing and welcome you to work with us and experiance life on an organinc farm!

We have 4 ha (hecter acres) of lands pasture, approximately 1000m² fodder, 500m² vegetable, herb and flower garden, 2 riding arenas, a small farm and fivebuildings: The old house, the mill buldings, and old cow barn, the barn, and a barn for the smaller animals.  Our river, the Dahme, flows continuously through the property. Our heard of animals Consists of goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, 5 horses, 3 dogs and a cat!

WWOOFers sleep in our ccaravan. WWOOFers share the Bathroom (with shower and bath) and kitchen, where we can cook and eat, with the family in our house. The house also has a guest room available.

What you’ll need:  Warm clothing (even in the house it sometime gets cool in the cold weather.), working clothes, toilletries, and whatever else you might wantWe will provide bed linens and towels. Also WWOOFers should be aware that working on the farm and cafe is only one half of our lives, we also have our own professions during the week.  Therefore, you will often be working on the farm without us.

There are many different things WWOOFers can do on our farm.  Taking care of the animals, which involves feeding them, maintaing their pastures, mucking out stables, and harvesting their food with a scythe.  WWOOFers can also maintina and harvest the vegatable gardens, (one for our food and one for the animals) and the pastures. We sometime need the repairing and repainting of garden tools, furniture or equiptment. We also need help sheering the sheep, washing, carding, and spinning the wool! Other jobs include: basket weaving, harvesting and drying herbs, haying, and mowing the lawn (Yes, that has to be done too sometimes!) and even more!

After lambing, the goats will need to be milked, which we use to make cheese.   Sometimes we also need to build new fences or a paddock, repair stalls or pens for the animals, repairing, reinforceing, or building new walls or newly tileing roofs.

WWOOFers can also help us with our organic farm café or „Kulturprojekt“: As a waiter in the café, prepairing for charity events, helping with family farm days and concerts, and advertiseing for events.v  You can see our cultural programs for this summer under Veranstaltungen/Kultursommer 2013. (Events/Cultural Summer).

Of course there are also many different things you can do in your free time.  WWOOFers can take walks in our beautiful country side, if you can ride, our horses are availible, swim in our river (The Dahme), bicycle (there is beautiful bike path alond the Dahme), read, Ping Pong, Volleyball, and we often have bon fires and tea underneath the apple trees.  We also have many instruments for use if you ask us, we have a piano, an Akkordeon, a violin, a fiddle, a guitarre and flutes. Almost anything you can imagine you can do.

If our offer sounds good, you are welcome! Please register via our email address on the contact page of our home page.